Ultra HD Explained: The Ultimate Guideultra-hd-cover

Everyone is talking about Ultra HD: The pace of technological development is speeding up continuously, and the expectations of markets and consumers keep rising – which, of course, includes Ultra HD. Driven by shortened incubation periods and ever-decreasing intervals between the presentation of new products, consumers are experiencing a genuine barrage of innovation, compared to the introduction of HDTV a little over ten years ago. The effects, however, are limited so far.

This is due, for one, to the modest quantity of available content and sources, a direct consequence of the high demands that Ultra HD productions place on television broadcasters and movie studios. Moreover, Ultra HD is also a very demanding standard with regard to the standardization of devices, interfaces, and transmission methods. This becomes clear when we look at the number of technical abbreviations and the variety of logos, which are actually meant to provide guidance to the consumer.

That’s where Ultra HD Explained comes in: There is plenty of need to explain Ultra HD. We are addressing primarily tech-minded consumers, but we would also like to inform professionals comprehensively about the state of the art in Ultra HD development and about the prospects for ultra-high definition television.



Web Codes: In-Depth and Up to Date

You are looking for in-depth information on one of the Ultra HD topics? That’s why our editorial staff came up with web codes: a link between the online and the offline universe. They provide access to detailed technical information, beyond the general explanations of the printed brochure. And they have another advantage over the guide in printed form or PDF: It is much easier to update online information and include the latest developments without the need for a new print run. This is of particular importance in the case of a highly dynamic, rapidly evolving subject such as Ultra HD.

There are various ways to retrieve the treasure trove behind the Web codes: If you are online, you just click on the topic that interests you in the table below. If you are reading the brochure in its PDF version, all the Web codes mentioned are hyperlinked, and clicking on them will also take you straight to the relevant content. If you are reading the printed brochure, go to the German TV Platform’s website, select the “Enter Web Codes” submenu under SEARCH in the top navigation bar, and enter the web code you find in the brochure.


Web Code Overview